The CS1 is Planet Eclipse biggest leap forward on any platform that the company has ever introduced, yes that counts the LV1. While the LV1’s shot is widely different that previous Egos, they did not change nearly as much as they have from the Geo 3.5 to the CS1. The CS1 is different in almost every single way from it’s predecessors. Eclipse has changed a lot here, there is more difference between the CS1 and Geo 3.5 then there is between the Geo 1 and Geo 3.5. The grips, bolt, solenoid, frame, body, eyes covers, foregrip, board and power source are all different.

There is so much to cover in this review, to make things easier on both you and I, i’m going to cut it down into four sections. First what has changed with the trigger frame followed by the body/bolt and then finishing up with the foregrip. That should nicely break everything up into their own tidy little areas.

The Trigger Frame

At first glance the trigger frame doesn’t look that different but as soon as you pick up the CS1 it is strikingly different. the frame is much wider than any other Planet Eclipse gun and the angle of the frame is much more aggressive.

The reason for all the changes to the frame are pretty simple, Planet Eclipse integrated the SL5 regulator, in the place where the 9V battery used to be located. In order to eliminate any type of external hose Eclipse needed to figure out where to put the batteries (more on that later) and regulator. They opted to put a full-size regulator into the trigger frame. Full-size is key here as it will still perform just as well as the previous generation SL regulators. In order to accommodate the regulator eclipse had to widen the frame. The regulator is now adjustable through the bottom of the POPS on/off.

Planet Eclipse has also change the angle of the trigger frame, kicking the bottom of the frame back making the angle of the frame a bit more aggressive. Angling the frame a bit more make the gun feel a bit longer. From the trigger to the end of the bottle will be a bit longer on the CS1 when compared to a Geo 3.5. This is great for some people and other may not like it. If you loved the length of your gun before this will take some getting used to.

The new angle of the frame also makes the gun just feel longer. I have been using a Geo 3.5 with an Empire Ultra 80/4500, I found when I put my tank on it was a bit too long. This is mainly due to the new angle of the trigger frame pushing the tank back a bit more. The Empire regulators are also a bit long, I bet switching the Empire regulator over to a Ninja regulator would give me the length that I like.

The trigger itself has also changed in the CS1, it is now a two-piece design. The trigger show (or face) is detachable from the rest of the trigger, making it much easier to make custom triggers. Eclipse has also said that they will make the files from the trigger public, so you can design and even print your own triggers!

A small change the frame is the addition of a magnifier styles lens of the LCD screen on the back of the frame. The magnifier make seeing the LCD much easier and from more angles.

The Body/Bolt System

When I first heard that the CS1 was going to come with the IVCore (the same bolt that is found in the Geo 3.5) I was a little disappointed. So the gun looked a lot different but it was going to come with the same bolt as the 3.5?

Well yes it does, there are some bigger holes on the bolt itself but that is about it. Although it operates at 120 PSI vs the previous 135 PSI in the Geo 3.5. Any my what a difference that 15 PSI makes. The CS1 shoots much different than the 3.5. Think somewhere in between a 3.5 and a Luxe, leaning a bit toward the Luxe. The shot is a lot smoother but still has the crisp feel that the Geo is known for.

Eclipse has also opted for easier and quicker eye servicing. Simply remove the foregrip, slid a clip down and the eye cover come off. It is a really quick and simple action, while is it really nice to be able to clean your eyes quick. I can honestly say that I don’t remember having to clean my eyes out at the paintball field in over 3 years.

The biggest ergonomic change to the CS1 is the overall length of the gun. The length of the body is about 10mm longer. While 10mm might not be a big difference it can sure be felt, the space between the trigger frame and foregrip is noticeable. For those of you who are familiar with the Luxe, Vanquish or LV1 it is about the same length. Another thing that some may love and some may hate.

The Foregrip

Another big change has been made here, where the regulator used to be in now a set of two AA batteries.

Planet Eclipse is right now the only company that using AA batteries in a paintball gun, this I AA batteries a much cheap than 9V batteries. This is also the first time that Planet Eclipse has given the OK on using rechargeable batteries in any of the guns, something I will for sure be taking advantage of.

One main concern of many people is that the front foregrip is made of ballistic nylon and it could break. It won’t. Plain and simple. This stuff is super strong. Eclipse tested and tried to break the front foregrip off and couldn’t break it, if they can’t you won’t.

The shape of the grip is also a bit funky, the front has a banana shape which looks odd but actually feel very nice in the hands.


In the end I have mixed feeling about the CS1.

There is no questions that I prefer the new feel. That being said I’m big, I have big hands and like big guns. I find that the wider trigger frame fits my hands better and the added space between the frame and foregrip makes shooting a bit more stable.

The shot on the other hand is so much different it a departure from everything that the Geo was. I was (am) a big fan of the way the Geo 3.5 shot. I liked the crisper shot that it had when compared to their spool valve markers like Luxe or Vanquish.

In the end if you like the Luxe or Vanquish and want something that feels a bit more refined and top dollar the CS1 is probably the gun for you.

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