After about a 3 months wait the HK Army TFX has finally landed. The TFX is a big deal for HK, this is the first product that they have made that plain needs to work. This is also the most complicated and difficult product that they have had to produce.

Coming on the heels of the KLR, HK needs to come though and the TFX needs to be rock solid.

HK did something that seems to normal in any industry, look at your competitors and copy them. HK look everything great about Dye Rotor, Virtue Spire and Empire Z2 and mashed them all together to create the TFX. That may sounds like a knock to HK but on the contrary, there are things I like and dislike about all of the other high-end loaders on the market and HK may have solved some of these with the TFX.

After using the TFX for the past few weekends, I have only one small complaint the speedfeed release button is to easy to press. This is a very minor problem, and only caused a problem 2 times over the past three weekend and 7 cases of paint.

The TFX battery life has been great, it feeds consistently and is very easy to take apart. At this point the TFX is my new favorite loader.


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