Before the CTRL was even released Bunkerking’s were talking about how small it was and I assumed it was just another manufacturer talking about how great their new product was, so I wrote it off. When we say pictures of the loader, it didn’t look smaller but it’s also really hard to tell how small stuff in pictures.

The name Infamous have been around the game of paintball for a long time, the team started up in the nearly 00’s and quickly became a fan favorite with players like Chris Lasoya and Gator Glaze the teams also contented for wins. All these years later Infamous are still playing pro paintball and are still a team with top players.

The Virtue Spire IV has leaked. The Spire IV is Virtues latest loader in its long line of high-end paintball hoppers. The Spire IV is the continuation of the very popular Spire III, the Spire III debuted Virtue’s hinge design and introduced the newer drive cone.