The name might be a little confusing, but this is the 4th version of the Planet Eclipse LV1. Planet Eclipse released the first version of the LV1 in 2013, then about a year later released the LV1.1, which was mainly just a small upgrade to the LPR. In 2016 the LV1.5 was released and discontinued in 2018, now in 2020, we have the LV1.6 which has some minor internals updates and some cosmetic changes.

Geo 4 is official and will retail for $1195.95 and start shipping in March 2020. The Geo 4 is a new spool valve gun from Planet Eclipse. Currently, Eclipse offers the Emek, Etha 2, MG100, 170R, M170, and CS2 all spools valve. that use the super popular GammaCore bolt system, the Geo 4, however, will use the older IV Core that was found in the CS1 and Geo 3.5.